Quinta de Arcossó




Amílcar Salgado

Our mission is simply to transform ancestral wine from peasants into wine of excellence. The Quinta de Arcossó project is simply the realization of a childhood dream, motivated by the surroundings and the ritual dedicated by our ancestors to the production of wine. It began in 2001, recovering what the Pizarro Montalvão Machado family (descendants of the great conquerors of Latin America) had been doing for over 400 years.

The Quinta is located in the micro-region of Ribeira de Oura, a place with strong viticultural traditions dating back to the pre-roman occupation, next to Vidago, Chaves, Trás-os-Montes, on a slope exposed to the south and at an altitude of 400 meters and with a slope of 20%. The convex topography towards that cardinal point, that is very open to the east and west, allows it to receive more hours of sun and light, in a more homogeneous way, as well as it drains and dissipates moisture more easily, not concentrating heat. The soils are of granitic origin, with a high depth of gravel.

In the cellar we express the full potential of our grapes and minimize mechanical operations. With the perfect harmony between nature and man, in the 12 hectares of Quinta de Arcossó, it has been produced since 2005 a wine that seeks excellence. Produced entirely by hand, complemented by a low intervention and high vigilance oenology, all red wines are processed with foot treading, while whites and rosé were processed until 2014 without a refrigeration system. The constant search for perfection in the production of wines reaches its maximum exponent in the Quinta de Arcossó Superior wine, worthy of the highest jewelry, resulting from the manually sorted, berry by berry and fermentation in noble wood barrels.

We are convinced that in each bottle of Quinta de Arcossó you will discover unique wines, where we highlight the Bastardo and the Grande Reserva, aged in chestnut wood barrels over 100 years old.