Quinta das Marias



Oliveira do Conde

Peter Eckert

Factor XPTO: We carefully manage our soils to create excellent wines.

A dream that started three decades ago has brought the Eckert Family from Switzerland to Quinta das Marias in the Dão region. With extreme care and rigor, we created this family project, producing on a small scale, outstanding Dão wines. In a beautiful landscape of 12 hectares of vineyards, we can see on one side the Serra do Caramulo and on the other the Serra da Estrela. On the terroir consisting of granite sand with some clay we planted not only the most recognized grape varieties of the region but also varieties that were once significant in the past, making them part of our future. Bringing together the new and the old, the tradition and the vanguard, the straight and the curvilinear, the hold and the free, the study and the empirical, the tidy and the disconcerting, all this will make, in the years to come, fascinating wines from the Quinta das Marias.