Quinta da Vacariça




François Chasans

XPTO FACTOR: “We grow the difference”

The Quinta da Vacariça consists of: 2 ha of 100% Baga vines in Tamengos, terroir of Cardosas; 0.3 ha of 90-year-old vines with a variety of native white and red grape varieties; 0.8 ha in Ventosa do Bairro. And, thanks to crowdfunding: 1.5 ha in Tamengos, Cabreira terroir, to be cleared; 0.6 ha in Ois do Bairro to be planted with native white grape varieties.

Late and productive, Baga is a winegrower’s variety. Here the concept of terroir takes on its full dimension: acidity, the treasure of this small region, different microclimates, the complex geology of the soils of Bairrada comparable to Burgundy, the choice of location, substantial green work, low yields (1,700 L/ha), organic and biodynamic certification in progress.

It is not the oenologist who makes the wine but the grapes. After a harvest carried out in several passages, these Baga grapes are vinified in open lagares, partially destemmed, not chaptalized, without any oenological input except sulphites. Then intoned in Burgundy oak barrels for the first year. After racking, aging continues in 3,000-litre casks. The wines, neither fined nor filtered, are bottled and remain in the cellar for a minimum of 3 years; Baga needs time to restore his identity. Wine is one thing, but the most important thing is simply… the philosophy.