Quinta da Serradinha


Encostas d’Aire (Lisboa)


António Marques da Cruz

Factor XPTO: I make wine just like my grandfather used to make.

The Marques da Cruz family, with a tradition in viticulture for 5 generations, now produces their wines at Quinta da Serradinha, founded by the current producer’s grandfather, António Marques da Cruz.

Quinta da Serradinha is located in the Demarcated Region of Encostas d’Aire, about 130 km north of Lisbon. It is a territory with a long tradition in wine production, linked to the ancient Roman city of Collipo. The quality of wines from the Leiria region has its first historical reference in the praise given by Maria Parda (Pranto de Maria Parda, Gil Vicente, 1522): “…and to those from Leirea / they give bread, wine and candle / and bed, all for free.”

The climate is influenced by the Atlantic, with cold and humid nights. Summer breezes from the ocean soften the ripening of the grapes and enhance the aromas.
There are 7 hectares of vineyards divided into plots separated by green and ecological barriers, on south-facing clay-limestone hills. Certified Organic Agriculture since 1994, although the agricultural practices of this production method on the estate date back to 1978. The first plantations began in 1952 and the most recent vineyards were planted in 2021.

In the old vineyards, the predominant variety is Baga, with a mixture of other varieties, known as the “vineyard blend.” In the vineyards planted in the 1990s, the dominant red varieties are Baga and Castelão, and the white varieties are Arinto, Fernão Pires, and Encruzado.
Harvesting is done manually between the first week of September and the first week of October. For red wines, fermentation is carried out in open oak vats, with foot treading. White wines undergo skin maceration for 2 days and fermentation in oak barrels, with clarification of the coarse lees by bung. The wines age in oak barrels and casks for 12 to 24 months.