Aldeias (Armamar)

Manuel Valente

Factor XPTO: At the time of tasting the genuine nature of our grapes and the craft character of our wine make the difference.

The Valente family has been living in the village of Aldeias, Armamar, located in the middle of the Douro and Távora-Varosa regions for over 200 years since Balthazar Cardoso Farrinchas, “o Valente” (in English “the Brave”) acquired the family home. This classic Douro family, governed by widowed women of resilience and fiber, educated their children by giving them competence and knowledge, to develop their own professions, but also character and values, to maintain the ancestral culture of vineyards and olive groves in the region. Grapes have always been produced in the family vineyards (distributed throughout the parishes of Aldeias, Fontelo and Vacalar in the Douro region and Aldeias and Queimada in the Távora-Varosa region), and attempts have been made over the decades to make them something more elaborate. The various generations lived in communion with the vineyard, even though it was not their first mean of sustenance, they never let them die In 2015, still with the “paterfamilias” present, the current generation decided to explore the production of natural wines, considering the ecological rationality of the activity. The ancestral sparkling wines (white and rosé), the first image of this process, are the result of the freshness and altitude of the region, where the prejudice of white grapes predominates, as fruit of lower quality. Associatively, there were past memories of “difficult” years for white wines that evolved into natural “sparkling wines” of high quality and longevity. Carrying this to the wine, without manipulation and using simplesmente… what nature gives, is the ultimate goal!