Portugal Boutique Winery

Various regions of Portugal

Nuno Aguiar de Morais Vaz & Ricardo Sarrazola

Portugal Boutique Winery was born from the desire to preserve and disseminate the Portuguese wine wealth, with centuries-old roots and so present in our culture.

It was in the Douro Valley – the first demarcated region in the world – that PBW took its first steps, revealing the specificities of its different terroirs and vinifying grapes from vines with different soils, altitudes and different solar exposures.

The evolution of the project has posed new challenges for PBW. Thus, it was decided to move to other wine regions, which led to Dinamite, a sparkling wine made in Bairrada, and Gorro, a white wine produced in the Vale do Lima, Vinho Verde region.

The wines created by Portugal Boutique Winery are unique, genuine and have their own identity. Wines that, although so different from each other, reflect their origin. Its geography. They are wines from Portugal. Authentic, fresh and with character. Wines that define the Portuguese soul.

It was based on this idea of territory, soil and lusa identity that Ricardo and Nuno created their wines. Because these are nothing more than a reflection of what Portugal is, of its diversity and wealth, manifests in the landscape, culture and geography.