Pormenor Vinhos



Vila Nova de Gaia

Pedro Coelho

Pormenor Vinhos was established in Douro in 2013 following the dream of three friends – José Silva, Miguel Cardozo and Pedro Coelho.
The wine bond at the time was somehow indirect through older family members who worked both as oak barrel producers and as cork producers, but no one really had embraced the mission to make wines.

It was just a question of time until Pormenor wines were marketed with the 2013 vintage, the first ever, finally filling the gap.
The three families joined forces under a fundamental common element: Douro, the oldest demarcated wine region in the world.
Pormenor means “Detail” in English.

We don´t assume ouselves as a bio or a natural producer even though we do not inoculate yeasts, or use any kind of non-natural product.
Also, in the winery, the work is made in a very non-interventive way letting the natural conditions of each vintage be expressed in the wine.
Minimum intervention, giving priority to the main elements used in the wine making -> Soil – Climate – Vines – Grapes and it´s natural yeasts.
The youngest vine is 50 years old and the oldeste over 100 years. All grown at high altitude, in different places in Douro, the ones we consider the best for our wine profile.

Our work philosophy searches for wines that tend to have moderate alcohol degree and looks for fresheness in line with a traditional winemaking process, in harmony and respect for traditional grapes within the region.
Pormenor aims to produce honest, fresh and elegant wines.