Pormenor Vinhos




Pedro Coelho

Factor XPTO: The wine, by the grape

“We are looking for pure, traditional wines”.

The main focus is on the grapes and the vineyard. Pormenor works a variety of vineyards all at high altitudes in different terroirs of the Douro Valley. Soils of schist and granite. All grapes harvested by hand. Pedro Coelho’s aim is to make wines that reflect the beauty of the vines and land, transmitting the sense of place through the climate, soil, vines, the grapes of each vintage. To accomplish this, intervention in the cellar is minimal. Indigenous yeasts and low sulphur, avoiding all other unnatural additives. Low extraction and long macerations as Pormenor seeks elegant and mineral wines focused with natural freshness and high acidity that tend to be lower in alcohol. In the end, we want the vineyards and the wines to speak for themselves, wines that can be drunk as soon as they are bottled, but also with a good aging potential. Authentic wines that grab attention and tell stories, respecting and representing the vines and the people who work them.