Nikoladzeebis Marani




Ramaz Nikoladze

XPTO Factor: Ramaz Nikoladze is a pioneer of west-Georgian qvevri wines

Nikoladzeebis Marani is founded by Ramaz Nikoladze on the site of his great grandfather’s vineyard, in a classic Imeretian cellar, in the village of Nakhshirgele, Terjola municipality.
1.5 ha of the vineyards are located 150m above from the sea level. The organically grown vines Tsitska and Tsolikouri are four to 100 years old and the vineyards and the Qvevri are buried in the open air.
The climate is subtropical and the soil is clay. Fermentation and aging is going naturally in Qvevri, without skins for Tsitska grapes, and with skins for Tsolikouri grapes.
Wines are exported to 13 countries.