Various regions of Portugal

Dirk e Daniel Niepoort

XPTO Factor: NatCool – Naturally, Cool and Funkie.

Niepoort’s mission is to maintain its positioning as a “niche player”, continuing the production of different Port and Douro Wines, combining centuries-old tradition with innovation. Throughout our growth, this combination started to include wines from two other regions, which contributed to delineating the Douro – Bairrada – Dão triangle.

The most recent vertices (also) “give the cards” and occupy a place that Niepoort considered important to recover, given their potential, combining the undeniable heritage of Portugal’s wine-growing past with the possibilities for innovation.

The importance we give to the need to interpret soils, climates and grape varieties has led us along the path of biodynamics, in a relationship that seeks respect for the “moods” of Nature, listening to it to find the balance between biodiversity and the least invasive intervention possible. At biodynamics, we give special importance to the interrelationship between all the people involved, in a continuous search for respect for their idiosyncrasies and valuing what they have and bring best to the Niepoort family.

“Can we do better?”, Maria Alice, from Quinta de Baixo, was asked one day. It depends. It depends on Niepoort to continue making dreams come true, it depends on creating the right processes and maintaining the will to learn that characterizes us. But, above all, the answer lies in the pleasure we take in what we do.