Luís Seabra

Various regions of Portugal

Luís Seabra

XPTO Factor: Raw Wines, liquid soil in the bottle.

After many years working for others was time to follow my own path, in 2013 Luis Seabra Vinhos was born, the mission is to create wines that tell about the place where they are coming from, made with a minimal intervention philosophy, respecting their nature and character. We want our wines to be able to show the different soils where the vineyards are planted, the different altitudes and exposures, their differences, and similarities. the people who cultivate this land.

We try to wines be as honest as they can, and they don´t have to be perfect. They have to show where they come from, and to me that is what is most important.

Hence, the name ‘Cru´/´Raw´ to show wines that have no intervention, wines that don’t have makeup.

We want to put Douro in a bottle it is probably too big an ambition, because Douro cannot be put in the bottle.