Freixo de

Daniel Carvalho Costa

Fator XPTO: Wines with personality that will put you sideways!!!

Sitting on Douro´s shoulders lies the village of Freixo de Espada-à-Cinta, proud owner of an unique history and one of the most passionating landscapes that the north of Portugal can offer. The most Manueline village in Portugal unifies centenary traditions and an enviable legacy of wine production.
It is on these steep hillsides of schist soil from the world oldest demarcated region that quitely relie the septuagenary vineyards that give life to Ládano, a wine originated from a process of low intervention and spontaneous fermentation that allows to express in the best way its terroir and to offer a harmonious and engaging experience.

More than a Douro Wine, Ládano its an invitation to taste friendship, a flight over the Douro Superior secret´s, an amazing adventure that invites all senses to a journey that will let no one indifferent.