Joaquim Arnaud




Joaquim Arnaud

Factor XPTO: Bring the countryside old flavours to town.

Joaquim Arnaud is a fruit of his living and familiar connections to the countryside of Alentejo.
William Arnao (descendant of the counts of Arundel) came from England like escort of the royal princess Philippa of Lancaster, who come to marry the King D. João I. William stayed in Portugal helping the princess.

Joaquim and his family are descendants of William and are established in Pavia (Alentejo) since more than 450 years ago.

Still young Joaquim took charge of the family’s farms, managing the agriculture and livestock business and investing in a mix of tradition and modernity, more specifically in vineyards and a small winery. For passion, he is dedicated to wines where he concentrated his attention and focus.

The wines of this region are produced in a small vineyard of dry farming in poor soils of granitic origin, under a limestone basin, a singular terroir, reflected in the wines. Later, Joaquim started partnerships with vignerons of other regions. Keeping the same philosophy he created wines of singular and classical profile that can impress and surprise.