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João Tavares de Pina

João Tavares de Pina is Located at Dao, 500m, granitic and clay shale soil. Cover crop with autochthonous chamomile, Lavandula in the top of lines, promoting natural fight avoiding the chemicals. Recovering lost grape varieties, manual harvest, low yield and blending in vines for spontaneous coo fermentations, low sulphur and no more chemicals in cellar.

Beyond the typical Dão old granitic soils, has also plots with even older origin due to marine sediments, from 500 million years ago, which originated shale clayey rocks soils, which result wines with such a peculiar minerality character. Besides that, clay soils allow longer cycles with slower ripeness resulting in deeper and more intense wines.

Size of domain 40 ha; 13 ha of domain is vines; 25 hL average production of wine. It’s a small company: I work alone with family help.
Brands: à RUFIA (blend young wines), à TERRAS DE TAVARES (blend aged wines), à TORRE DE TAVARES (single or double grape aged wines)