João Tavares de Pina



Penalva do Castelo

João Tavares de Pina

XPTO Factor: Singularity, like every day is different

For me, wine can never be perfect, consensual and even less reproducible. Perfection (in an absolute sense), without points of contention, without edges and clumps, transforms the wine into boredom, tiredness, saturation, limiting the pleasure, by completely eliminating the distinctive characters that identify the different styles. Wine with dimension, the wine that we never forget, lives above all on the different sensations it is capable of transmitting, on the ability it has to surprise us with new taste experiences, on the ease with which it mimics, transforms and surprises with new disguises that follow one another. as we investigate it, without ever allowing us to completely identify it, in addition to the fact that the perception of these sensory variables is never consensual, something irrefutable and inherent to the subjective nature of any sensory evaluation.

In temperate regions, especially in the cooler ones, where maturation is only reached in desperation, the standards obtained are always very different, and, if we associate the climatic factor with all the others relating to terroir, soil diversity even within the same plot of vineyard, a huge variety of grape varieties in each plot and also the particularity that in the older vines there is no homogeneity, and each plant is a completely different unit in size, shape and vigor, the greater the complexity of the wine obtained and the greater the difference between harvests.