Jerome Gay




Born in England (Spanish father and English mother) Jerome has spent most of his life in the Algarve. In England he attended the Winchester School of Art. He explored his Spanish roots in Salamanca where he studied Fine Arts. Back in the Algarve, he dedicated himself to the art of ceramics and tile painting and became known for his interventions reminiscent of Matisse’s “Cut-Outs”. This innovative take on a traditional craft was very well received by the Algarve’s multicultural community in the 1990s, and his work was in private homes as well as public buildings, hotels and bars. 15 years ago Jerome opened a gallery in Ferragudo, Dejá-Vu Art-shop, one of the most iconic stores in the region. Currently Jerome practices urban art and painting murals that, like tile panels, create stimulating and unique environments in the spaces where they are integrated.