Hugo Mendes



Frade de Cima

Hugo Mendes

XPTO Factor: I follow the passion and seek knowledge.

For Hugo Mendes, wine is not simply a drink. There is a lot of mag in the way the human being interacts in the process that allows the grapes to express themselves.

After 12 years of experience in different producers, with different philosophies, launching a project in your own name allows you to freely and uncompromisingly explore other areas, other approaches, other philosophies. Other ways of looking at wine and the business itself.

Its focus is essentially on the study and revitalization of Portuguese grape varieties, without haste and without shackles of any kind.

His first wine was based on the idea that the Fernão Pires variety in Lisbon could produce wines with great growth potential. Not having land or funds, he looked for a vineyard where the variety expressed itself as he wanted and acquired the grapes to vinify them his own way. To finance the project, he created a crowdfunding program in which consumers could buy in advance, at a more friendly price, the wine even before it existed. This was a huge success and Hugo Mendes was able to finance his first harvest.