Folias de Baco




Tiago Sampaio

Farmer, winemaker, enologist, wine producer and salesman. A true “one man show”, Tiago Sampaio is the founder of the winery Folias de Baco (in English “Bacus’ Follies”) as well as all of its aromas and flavors. He holds on strongly to the dream of one day turning transforming the things he learned early on and has long since strived for into a reality.

Riding on his grandfather’s little horses through the lands near the Douro, Tiago first came into contact with agriculture and with the world of wines. It is within that context that he first came to learn this trade which rose out of pure playfulness and curiosity, turning itself into what is now his work and research, showed in 2 main wine brands, “Olho no Pé” and “Uivo”.