Filipa Pato &
William Wouters



Óis do Bairro

Filipa Pato e William Wouters

XPTO factor: Wines without make-up

Filipa Pato & William Wouters are a magical couple united by their passion for wine and gastronomy.
Their philosophy is simple: to create authentic wines that faithfully reflect their origin.Focusing only on traditional Bairrada grape varieties, they work exclusively with Baga, Bical, Arinto, Cercial and Maria Gomes.

The vineyard is their priority and they abandoned the use of herbicides early on, in favor of soil health and biodiversity in the vineyard. Thanks to a permanent research of the surrounding plants, forest and some plants grown in their backyard, today they use about 15 different plants in biodynamic preparations.
In the cellar there is minimal intervention, the grapes are selected in the vineyard, they ferment with indigenous yeasts and use ancestral methods such as wooden presses and amphorae.

Ultimately they create terroir wines, uniting knowledge, art and nature to produce “without makeup”, each wine with its own character. Together, Filipa and William share all their experiences: their love for gastronomy and wine, their encounters with great wine producers, gastronomy, sommeliers and wine lovers from all over the world and the magical and inexhaustible culture of the world of wine.Today for Filipa, William and their two children, Óis do Bairro is the center of their universe. They are happy to share all the passion for local ingredients and wine. Drink local, eat local and…think global.