Francisco Plácido de Abreu was born in Lever, Vila Nova de Gaia, on May 5, 1942.

Later, he moved to Mozambique, where he started in the visual arts. His first exhibition (still as a portraitist) took place in the city of Beira, in 1967.

Maybe you know him, his name is Feio and he has a Gallery/Bar in Ribeira do Porto, Porto Feio. A pleasant space where, while savoring a good Port Wine, you can enjoy beautiful paintings, most of the time by him, good music and the best Sangria of the Porto night. Attention because it can be even crazier than ugly/ feio! With an exacerbated and extravagant sensitivity, he becomes someone who is more than difficult to contact… unpredictable! But he simply has… an enormous artist’s soul, just look at his paintings and photographs to understand!