El Hato y El Garabato


Arribes de Duero


José Manuel Beneitez

El Hato y el Garabato is family project and our way to understand the life. Our small Project started in Arribes del Duero apellation on 2015, after to work in different countries and wineries, where amazing people shared with us passion and knowledge about wine.

Arribes is amazing wild área, a lost corner of Spain with vineyards wiht portuguese soul. We manage in organic way 10 hectars of very old vineyards (70-100 years old) with forgotten varieties (Doña Blanca; Juan García; Bruñal; Puesta en Cruz; Rufete; Bastardo…).

Our philosphy is simple, to work the vineyard and the cellar in a simple way, with passion, honesty, and with the mínimum intervention. We feel we are very lucky because we have an unique heritage of vineyards. Those vineyards we´re sure can offer unique wines.