Dominio del Bendito




Antony Terryn

XPTO Factor: The Titan of the Toro.

Antony Terryn is a young Frenchman, who has been searching for the vineyard of his dreams for a long time. His encounter with the Toro vines was a ‘crush’ that gave birth to Dominio del Bendito in 2004. He mainly produces red wines within the DO and some follies (research wines), in the most traditional way possible, all aged in noble barrels to express their full potential. He tries to offer wines marked by their land of origin, so that wine lovers can share the unique character of Toro.

The vineyard is located in the famous La Jara estate. It has gentle slopes facing north and northwest, above the Duero. Its deep soils, with a high proportion of sand and pebbles that have never had phylloxera, offer the vines excellent drainage and force them to search in depth for the necessary elements and the very expression of the terroir.

The other part of the vineyard is located in the heights of Valdefinjas, characterized by lime, sand and magnificent old vines. It is a mosaic of small plots, made up of Tinta de Toro vines, from 16 to over 100 years old, planted free standing and dry, simply giving… low or very low yields. 20 hectares owned and many others managed directly, always cultivated organically and inspired by some biodynamic practices.
During the vegetative cycle, much attention is devoted to the vineyard, carrying out pruning adapted to each vine, vegetation management, thinning and yield control, thus dedicating each grape to the production of each wine, a reflection of different identities.