Courelas da Torre




Rui Falé

XPTO Factor: Sustainability is our nature.

Agrovinaz is a family business that was recently founded (2012) by the Falé family to give continuity to the activity of natural wine production that had been developed by the family as a hobby.
Love for the land love for wine it was always the motivation and that is why we continue this activity because we also love the vineyard, we love the Earth and the nature. The Torre winery is located in a family estate of 17 hectares in Redondo, Alentejo, where the wines and liquors are produced by way organic farming. The grapes from 11 hectares are handpicked and treated with the delicacy necessary to obtain a excellence wine. The vineyard it is very important in the activity, the grapes have a huge quality, example of this are the endogenous grapes of Alentejo the Alicante Bouschet the Trincadeira and Aragones. However, in the cellar there is still a small distillery that allows the production of grape brandy to be incorporated through the maceration process into the artisanal production of fruit liqueurs and aromatic herbs.