Ciclo Vinhos




Hugo Campos

Factor XPTO: What we crush is what you drink

In 2020 we have begun a new cycle! 

The world stopped and created the opportunity to reflect, to reinvent ourselves and to explore new ideas. From this context, an experience we had idealized some time ago was finally born. From a small, non-irrigated vineyard in the Estremoz area, we have vinified with a minimum of intervention, free from all conventional rules and methods, in order to mark a new cycle. A cycle that means a return to the basics, which values simplicity, nature and the essence of the wine in its wildest version.

After four years, we have launched around 12 wines on the market, small experimental productions, it can be said that the desire to try new varieties and methods took over the project and this year we will launch some more new treats.

We are still based in Estremoz, but we have expanded our presence to other northern latitudes and higher altitudes. In the São Mamede mountains, we have found old vineyards and field blends that we couldn’t resist and we actually keep searching for history and vineyards where the wines are made even before the grapes arrive in the winery. Our structure is based on 3 pillars, Joachim Roque, Ana Paulino and Miguel Nunes, a team where we can find the perfect balance that allows us to materialize our projects with experience, reason and irreverence.