Évora de Alcobaça

João Tereso

Factor XPTO: Wines that sound good!

João Tereso: “It all started with a passion for wine and ended in a passion for the vineyards. When, in 2016, I learned that my grandfather’s small plots of vines in Alcobaça were going to be abandoned, I had no idea where this would lead me after these years. The story begins there, completely by chance, when I decide to commit myself to take care of these plots to prevent them from being abandoned, even without much knowledge of viticulture but determined to produce grapes and make wine from them. With the help of Rodrigo Martins, an extraordinary agricultural year in the region and the friends (after all, for some reason they are called oenophiles) who came to the harvest, 2017 is the first year of vineyards and wines and it could hardly have been a better start. The “bug” had definitely settled in, and so in 2018 we were already taking care, with stories in between, of two more vineyards in the valley, also abandoned or about to meet that fate. Parallel to his career as a sound engineer, he had just found not another job but a lot of work.

The goal from the start had always been to make genuine wines that showed where they came from, simply… grapes. As the years went by the vision was consolidated, we got to know the vineyards better, the varieties and the challenges of viticulture (which since 2021 is in organic production mode) and especially of winemaking with low doses of sulfur and high doses of care and attention.

Chinado wines take on various colors and shapes in the bottle, but they have in common the best grapes we manage to produce each year, from vines between 40 and 80 years old, traditional vinifications in open cellars, stainless steel vats, and used barrels. With indigenous yeasts, with time, with love, without removing or adding (almost) anything.

Because wines are really made in the vineyard.”