Vinho Verde

Marco de Canaveses

Carlos Fernandes

The Chapeleiro (Hatter) is born uncompromisingly in 2007 with the planting of the first vineyard. Initially everything was to restructure rural heritage, there being no family tradition in the vineyard, nor in wine. They began by planting a little of everything: Azal, Trajadura, Fernão Pires and Alvarinho. But the Hatter planted in 90% of the available area Arinto and Loureiro, all on a plateau with little more than half a hectare. Today there is more area of vineyard with Avesso and also two more parcels of Loureiro. In 2019 there are plans of new things for the Chapeleiro.

This is a short summary of the story of someone who was deeply enthralled with the world of the vineyard, it is true that wine was a natural consequence, more enthralling. In wine, they like to make experiences that contradict tendencies, but always with their own identity and authenticity. Carlos went to get the name of the wine from Grandfather Belmiro “Chapeleiro” (Hatter)