Casa Aurora


Ribera del Duero

La Aguillera

Germán Blanco

Factor XPTO: Fine, artisan, village wines.

We firmly believe that wines must be faithful representatives of the land in which they are born. Our wines are made with grapes cultivated in an organic, sustainable and traditional way, we never use pesticides, weed-killers, systemic treatments or chemical fertilizers.

We firmly believe that everything begins with the soil, for this reason we fight to keep it alive. Our wines are made from hand-harvested grapes and are simplesmente fermented grape juice with a minimal dose of sulphur.
All of our wines are aged. We understand the process as a form of guided ageing trying to highlight our work as farmers. We use different materials such as concrete or terracotta and when we do use wood, we are always drawn to large volumes and used barrels. We never clarify nor stabilize and we normally never filter. Should we do so, it is always very light filtration.

Neither technology nor mechanization can ever substitute the passion of small artisanal vignerons. The true beauty of wines with soul is found in the sum of their imperfections. Light has always found a way in through the cracks….