Bodega de Forlong




Rocío Áspera y Alejandro Narváez

Bodega de Forlong is a creation of two young entrepreneurs, in love with wine. They created Forlong, a little wine winery dedicated to the production of high quality wines, made in a totally artisanal way, the so called “auteur wines”. They focus on the quality of the grapes instead of the quantity. Forlong is an organic on the vine and in the creation process. Also, the vineyard receives biodynamic care, including the use of an astrological sowing and planting calendar, which helps to achieve a perfect function of plants and a high quality of the grapes. We focus on the primary aromas therefore preserving the terroir. Forlong’s terroir is the “albariza”, a limestone based soil. We believe that the fruits of our labor should be something shared with the other so that those people can be part of our joy, our pride and our sense of achievement, through the pleasure of our wines.