Balandro Vinos


Jerez y Manzanilla


César Velázquez

Balandro Vinos begins its journey in 2015, with the open approach of selecting the most suitable wines in the best producing areas of Spain and making them reach our customers. We take care to ensure the quality of the product and the control of the entire process until the wine reaches the glass that is waiting for you.

Las Botas is the last of our projects. We look for the best botas (casks) in the wine cellars of Jerez and Sanlúcar de Barrameda to try to find singular, unique and unrepeatable wines from the best terroirs in the area.
Very old wines with character, personality and exclusivity.

Our wines respect the oldest tradition of the Jerez framework. They are not filtered, clarified nor cold stabilized. Directly from the bota to the bottle, that is why they make it unrepeatable “saca a saca”.

14 years old Manzanilla Apartada, 10 years old Fino Cruzado, 50 years old Palo Cortado Horizontal and 70 years old Amontillado Perpendicular form our project today.