Francisco Montenegro

Aneto Wines is a small family business established in 2001 with the aim of caring for own vineyard throughout the growing cycle. Subsequently, harvesting, vinification and bottling taking forever on the horizon to get small and medium productions of wines with character and great quality.

We are in the transition zone between Penajóia and Barrô with 8 hectares of vines grown mostly in the plateau region at 400 meters altitude. The soils are predominantly schist and granite, and our varieties are Semillon, Gouveio, Viosinho, Terrantez, Rabigato and Cerceal duly separated by installments for the making vinifications equally separated at the right point of ripeness.
The fermentations occur at low temperature with native yeast for a long period of 3 to 4 weeks. Some varieties end this period of fermentation in oak barrels used. These suffer some “battonage” (periodic survey lees) In the spring and summer of the following year make up the different blends and are bottled.
We have verified that our white wines have a good ability to remain fresh and with a good natural evolution over several years. The combined factors caste / soil / oenology so have allowed.

We have in the heart of the Douro, 8 hectares of vines grown in Sobradais and Malvedos the parish Castedo Douro with distinct parcels of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão and Souzão. The soils are predominantly shale with clay outcrops exposed on the east and south, at an altitude between 50 and 250 meters.
In September, at the harvest, the grapes are brought to the winery, located in Quinta do Extremadouro – Penajoia , in small boxes of 15 kg at its optimum ripeness and always separately so that they know well the result of each installment / variety / fermentation . After screening carpet choice, are de-stemmed and lightly crushed, falling into traditional open tanks, which, with foot treading, are macerate and ferment for a few days (5-7 days) with only indigenous yeasts from the grapes themselves and temperature controlled (25 º -27 º). When the wine is dry, followed by the soft pressing and rest for 2 days to then pass the clean (removing the lees) and start the malo-lactic fermentation in barrels already partially and the rest in vats . Then the wines are aged in new and used French oak for about a year for the harvest and 18 months in new barrels of grand reserve. During this stage we make a transition to clean after the winter, returning to the same wines barrels where they are. It is a very simple process and with a minimum of intervention on the grapes and wine.

All our vineyards are worked and attended by the integrated protection system. In order to minimize and mitigate the effects on the ecosystem and reduce the maximum natural erosion of soils.