Adega Pedralonga


Rías Baixas

Caldas de Reis

Miguel Alfonso

XPTO factor: Atlantic Character.

The Alfonso family has produced wine for generations in Val do Umia, preserving writings from the beginning of the XX century that already speak of the harvests and the elaboration of the wine coming directly from the careful work of the vineyard.

The current winery was founded in 1997 and the work is professionalized, but it follows the same philosophy of the ancestors. Adega Pedralonga is a small family owned Adega that prioritizes the Repeto Pollo terroir and the identify of its wines. 

The work begins in a vineyard where sustainable and environmentally friendly viticulture prevails. The Pedralonga vineyards are influenced by an Atlantic climate, which provides mild temperatures and abundant rainfall for much of the year, and are suitable for grapes such as Albariño. The vineyards are rooted in sandy loam soils at the foot of Mount Xiabre, on elevated terrain oriented from north to south, in order to achieve adequate insolation that makes them ripen better and keeps them healthy.

At Pedralonga the wines have their own temperament. Albariños and personal red wines, which stand out for their balanced acidity, and are distinguished by the mineral taste that the granite soils of our terroir give them.
A natural yeast is used, that deacidifies with complete malolactic fermentation and sterilizing or diatom filters are not used.
The end result is very personal wines, very wide in the mouth and good persistence.