Fio de Terra



São Félix da Marinha

Slava Izmailovs

Fator XPTO: Pure and fine.

The idea of creating this small project, Fio de Terra, was to show the people my vision of Portuguese terroir, to interpret it my way and try to make a lighter and finer style of the wines. Wines which would give a lot of pleasure to drink young, and, at the same time, could age and to be even more beautiful with time in the bottle.
Because I traded with Portuguese wines in Russia since 2007, after a lot of visits I knew the country and its wines pretty well. Over the years, I develop my own appreciation of Portugal’s wines, and in 2013 challenged a couple of winemakers to let me try with my own blends.
Starting in the way the wines are fermented and aged, for example by bringing barrels that I sourced abroad (of course, used ones) as I felt these wines should reflect my way of thinking. Now, I am very proud to represent a range of wines from various regions from Portugal:
In Dão I work with: Quinta dos Roques and Quinta da Lomba; in Douro: Dirk Niepoort and Wines & Winemakers; in Bairrada: Quinta das Bágeiras and Quinta de Baixo.
There is also a wine from Galicia, a collaboration in Rías Baixas with another good friend: Eulogio Pomares of Zarate.
Looking back at Fio de Terra, I have to thank a lot to my mentor Dirk Niepoort for helping with his idea for the name, and even more with his vision.