Quinta da Raza


Vinho Verde

Celorico de Basto

Diogo Teixeira Coelho

Quinta da Raza is located in Celorico de Basto, in Vinho Verde Region (DOC). It’s history goes back to the XVII Century and it has remained in the same family ever since. The unique terroir is created by the gentle slopes and the magnificent exposure to the sun. The soil benefits from its granite origins with areas of schist and clay. The vineyard has always been the main farming interest due to the importance of the high quality of the grapes produced. These range from Azal, Arinto, Padeiro, Vinhão to Alvarinho, which are unique grape varieties from the Vinho Verde Region. Despite the use of modern technology related to oenology, the traditional wine producing techniques have been maintained. The picking by hand and the treading of the grapes as well as the use of the 100 year old stone tanks is carried out by local people with a heritage of experience.

When our costumers drink our wine they should have the same pleasure as if they were biting a grape!