Portal Unlocked



Celeirós do Douro

Paulo Coutinho

X Factor: The Douro has infinite potential. Anything can be made and developed here.

Despite the fact that the first wines bottled by Quinta do Portal date only of 1994, the Mansilha family has been producing Port wines since the 19th century. Today it’s the 5th generation of winegrowers of this family that is ahead of Quinta do Portal.

Its vineyards are spread within five Quintas located in the Pinhão river valley, where they have all solar expositions and with altitudes that range from 180 and 600 meters.

In the last few years, Paulo Coutinho, the head winemaker, has been experimenting with different varieties, atypical blends and several micro-fermentations, creating wines wit less intervention, more natural and simply unique.

In these line of wines we have Duradero, Black Pur and the Unlocked series.