La Biancara




Angiolino Maule

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La Biancara was born in 1988 by Angiolino Maule, one of the pioneers of natural wine in Italy. The winery today extends to 19 hectares of vineyards on basaltic soil of volcanic origin, rich in microelements, we don’t use fertilizer and this makes the roots sink deeper and have more expression of the soil in the wine. Regarding pesticide treatments, we use only natural products of vegetable extraction, trying to reduce the use of copper and sulfur.

The main variety grown for over 1300 years in Gambellara is called Garganega, with which we produce 3 still wines, 1 sparkling and 1 passito.
Nothing is added in the cellar and invasive wine treatments are banned to avoid changing the quality of the vintage, the grape variety and the territorial expression. The strategy has always been to minimize the human impact on the vineyard and on the wines as much as possible. Today Angiolino is supported by Alessandro and Tommaso in the work in the vineyard and in the cellar; second and fourth of his children.