Indício Vinho



Celeirós do Douro

Marco Lourenço e Alexandre Botelho

Factor XPTO: Traditional and modern, provincial and cosmopolitan, old and new, provocative or not so much, a Indício of contradiction in a bottle.

Indício wine was born from a casual encounter between two enthusiasts for the pleasure of “perceiving” the wine: Alexandre Botelho (Noble & Murat) and Marco Lourenço (Cegos por Provas). They agreed to exchange their experiences of profound knowledge of the Douro, family tradition and tasting habits, deciding to work old vineyards. These vineyards, of priceless patrimonial value, are simplesmente… disappearing or being wasted on big production scales that prevent the genuine understanding of their value.

The first harvest was in 2017, under the supervision of Luís Leocádio, with whom they learned to improve some of the ideas they wanted to work and made the first three Indícios (by definition “what remains, or a leftover of what disappeared or passed or happened”): a red, a white and a rosé. Since then, the duo is working alone on the project, using traditional knowledge of winemaking and techniques, with very little intervention in their wines.

As of 2018, they incorporated a new wine, Garganta Funda, which emerged from a pleasant conversation with Oficina Arara, authors of the labels and all the graphic image of the wines, and with whom they maintain a close relationship since the beginning. The idea will always be to make you drink rather than to provoke, even if one leads to the other. They use stainless steel vats, old French oak barrels and manual techniques for treading the grapes, without temperature control. Whites always do partial maceration with the skins, and now there is also a Claret wine. It is not always possible to maintain the same vineyards from year to year, so you never know for sure what is coming up next.

That’s where they go.