Cume do Avia


O Ribeiro


Diego Diéguez

Family cooperative dedicated to the production of organic wines in O Ribeiro

We are winemakers, friends, family, colleagues from children and partners … together we are Cume do Avia, our community land exploitation cooperative. Although we are a family of vine growers, we decided to start our own project and we were the first to close the cycle and make our own wines.

This difficult and exciting journey began in 2005. After almost a decade our first wines came to light. In that time, and starting from 0, we ourselves prepared, planted and saw our vines grow. And all, always thinking about people, the environment, and the search for authentic, sincere, and respectful wines.

Our project feeds on our passion and the telluric forces that emanate from the place where the roots of our vineyards penetrate, Eira de Mouros, an ancient settlement in which our ancestors lived and which has a mysterious history that feeds on the rich Galician mythology.

Formerly it was the mythological Mouros who hid treasures there, today it is we who try to extract them through our vineyards.