Casa de Saima




Graça Miranda

Located in the heart of Portugal ́s picturesque Bairrada region The Casa de Saima’s Vineyard is one of the elite producers of World class red and white wines.

The vineyard sits on over 50 acres of land boosting exceptionally rich soil that nourishes and cultivates old and new breathtaking surrounding.
Building on its century old history of producing fine wines, the Bairrada region continues the rich tradition into the future with its outstanding current selection of Baga (Reds), Maria Gomes and Bical (whites and champagne) varietals. Casa de Saima’s Vineyard is very fortunate to have naturally occurring shallows of Touriga, a variety of red wine grape considered by many to be Portugal’s finest, and Chardonnay throughout the vineyard giving the vineyard the ability to create unique one of a king wines for our distinguished clientele.
We take gread pride in making our wine. From the start we take the utmost care and attention in pruning our grapes, that consideration is continued through the transportation phase where our product is delivered to our ecofriendly facility to be pressed and bottled.
At Casa de Saima we believe that a great wine is the result of fertile land, exceptional vines, and hard work. We are confident we have all three. Our only hope is that you enjoy drinking them as much as we enjoy making them.