Casa da Passarella




Paulo Nunes

Factor XPTO: Casa da Passarella once again puts the legendary name of Dão in the mouths of the world.

Since 1892, Casa da Passarella has been one of the emblematic houses of Portuguese wines, where some legendary names of Portuguese Enology have worked, such as the late Dr. Mário Pato and Eng. Alberto Vilhena, among many others.
Currently, Casa da Passarella has about 100 hectares, of which 60 are vineyards. These 60 ha are divided into seven different vineyards. Each vineyard has unique characteristics – not just with different exposures, but with an incredible and original diversity of grape varieties. All wines of Casa da Passarella are exclusively from these “magnificent seven” vineyards.

This is also where the mark of our originality lies: more than a blend of grape varieties, we talk about a blend of vines – which makes the Casa da Passarella wines unique, being the absolute reflection of our terroir.