Marina da Afurada

Miguel Morais

Since July 2016, Carvão is the new challenge embraced by the well-known Porto duo Luís Américo and Filipe Morais.

Housed in Afurada’s leisure marina, with a beautiful view over Foz do Douro (so beautiful that the name was meant to be “Porto Belo”), the Carvão restaurant is a modern and welcoming space, facing the river, and with a gastronomy anchored in the heat of charcoal and the oven. Fish is, of course, king.

Combining the tradition of charcoal cuisine with the fresh and contemporary look that Luis Américo has accustomed us to, classics such as the Tibornada deBacalhau come to a new life. There is no shortage of well-known pizzas, cooked in charcoal here, or a selection of high quality marbled and matured meat.