Bodegas Peñalba Herraiz


Ribera del Duero

Aranda de Duero

Miguel Angel Peñalba

Factor XPTO: Life inside a bottle.

Land, grapes and wine have always been a part of my life. Since I was a child, I have watched how my family cultivated the land, planted vineyards and elaborated wines. All of this taking part in the creation of the Denominación de Origen Ribera del Duero.
The atmosphere and the passion for the grapes and the wine, is what inspires me to share my work in the family business with the creation of my own personal project, growing grapes in my wife’s vineyards and producing our own wines: Aptus and Carravid.
We grow our own vineyards in organic viticulture with some biodynamic principles. This way of growing the grapes produces the special characteristics of our wine that we want our customers to enjoy: fruit , freshness, land, but above all … life, life in the land, life in the grapes and life into the wine… and if we reach all of this is because we are passionate about doing our work appropriately.