Bodega Torgo


Rías Baixas

Condado do Tea

Magdalena Paramés y Javier Barba

Our tiny vineyard Torgo faces Deva and Miño valleys, where Galicia meets Portugal. It is the result of a dreamer’s idea to construct a retreat in his favourite spot, his hometown, around 1940. The ground floor of the family house, built in 1951, was the place chosen for the winery so we thought it should remain there. Today we enjoy the beauty, the sounds and the aromas of the terraces -protected from the north by granite walls- where not only wine, but also fruit trees, vegetables and flowers grow, and put all our effort into preserving the plot as beautiful and natural as it was in the past. Lots of respect and hard work are key to get our lovely wines, full of character.

Our two wines, Torgo (varietal) and Torgo & TaL (blend), are made from our native grapes albariño, loureira and treixadura. Our one-hectare vineyard is farmed organically and our wines are estate grown and bottled. Both Torgo and Torgo &TaL are fermented in stainless steel tanks with native yeasts and are aged on the lees for over six months.

Torgo is an independent project, not included in any Denominación de Origen. In 2017 we produced a total 3751 bottles.