Adega Entreosrios


Viños da Terra do Barbanza e Iria

Ría de Arousa

José Crusat

Adega Entreosrios is a winery located in Pobra do Caramiñal and included into the IGP Viños da Terra do Barbanza e Iria, quality appellation recognized in 2006. The winery works with 70% own vines, and the rest form the same local farmers for the last 6 years. The area is located in the north shore of the Ría de Arousa, orientated to the south-southwest, granitic soils an some red schist, typical from the Barbanza peninsula. The owned vines come from the old clones of the Merced monastery, and where selected from the oldest vine son the area more than 35 years ago. The vines are a combination of 15 to 50 year old ones, with some of them older than that. The vines are worked with the minimal intervention as possible and with a yield of 7.000 kg/ha. The winery elaborates between 15.000 and 25.000 bottles annually. The philosophy on the winery is of maximum respect to nature and surroundings, avoiding unnecessary chemical treatments. Herbicides have been eliminated from the field, keeping vegetal cover that is only worked by means of cutting and some labor. Insecticides have been also eliminated from the vine treatments, so only chemical fungicides are used on a necessity basis depending on the climate of each vintage. Also on the winery no industrial yeasts or bacteria are used, since we believe that natural fermentation process is the way to reflect our own characteristics and the vintage, inside the profile of each of the wines that we deliver. We try to elaborate wines that reflect the land, where the influence of the granitic and schist rocks of the Barbanza mountains, its waters and the ocean are a significate part of our wines.