Adegas As Furnias


Rías Baixas


Juan González Arjones

Factor XPTO: Independent by nature

Adega As Furnias was born as a project in 2010, in the south of Galicia, in the arms of the river Minho. The only claim: to keep a legacy and history alive. Alive through viticulture and wine.
It resists forgetting native varieties. Traditional elaborations without intervention. One likes to let all the parts do the talking: climate, soil, varieties, production. Neither is more important than the other.
Certainly Wines made here are not easy, lush, perfect… We make wines that speak of a place and also, it is true, of the personal way of seeing it.
Tinta Vermelha, Brancelao, Caiños, Espadeiro, Sousón, Carabuñeira talk about Crecente, the Atlantic and the river Minho.
As Furnias do not follow a linear path, but simplesmente… never stops walking.